Kerr Stuart 4415

History - Design - Restoration 

The story of the restoration is now told in the KS4415 restoration blog. 
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Kerr Stuart 4415 at Dinas4415 is unique. It is the only known survivor of a locomotive type that heralded the change from steam to diesel that was so dramatically to change the structure and operation of railways world-wide. Given its much travelled and chequered career its survival can only be classed as miraculous.

Its original trials in 1928 on the Welsh Highland Railway are well documented with reports, eyewitness accounts and photographs which reveal both its high evidential and historical values.

It is now owned by the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways Heritage Company and is held in North Wales where efforts are  in progress to secure its restoration and renewed operation.
This website describes the history and design of the loco,  and sets out to chronicle the restoration process.

To quote the late Ben Fisher "4415 will never be a prime member of the FR/WHR fleet, but it is as unique a piece of our history as Princess or Merddin Emrys, and we should cherish it. When it is restored it will be able to visit other railways, and demonstrate another piece of the railway technical history of the FR/WHR and UK."