Kerr Stuart 4415

History - Design - Restoration 


4415 plinthed

4. Mauritius

Following the demise of Kerr, Stuart & Co.Ltd. their assets, including 4415, were acquired by the Hunslet Engine Company of Leeds.  In 1934 the loco was regauged to 2'0" for Monsieur Soumeilhan, a member of the  founding family  of thethe Union Vale Sugar Estate of Mon Tresor & Mon Desert Ltd in Mauritius. It arrived there carrying a works plate dated 1934  and worked there until 1971, latterly as standby to the regular locomotives.  After the estate's rail system was abandoned the locomotive was not scrapped but was displayed on a plinth, on the orders of Jean Pierre Pilot, the sugar mill's engineer.

4415 plinthed In 1944 the Union Vale Sugar Estate was sold to a neighbouring estate under the control of M. Tresor and  M. Desert.

 In 1945 a new engine was installed.

 In 1962 it ceased to operate regularly and became the reserve locomotive

In 1971 - A proposal to scrap it was rejected by M. Pilote, the works engineer, and the loco was plinthed, where it remained until repatriated.