Kerr Stuart 4415

History - Design - Restoration 


5. Repatriation

In September 1996 members of the Greenwich & District Narrow Gauge Railway Society (GDNGRS) met Olivier Jaubert, a French narrow gauge railway enthusiast whose work took him   to sugar estates in Africa and Mauritius. He made enquiries which led to confirmation of 4415's continued existence and an approach to its owners regarding possible repatriation to the U.K. With the help of  M Jaubert agreement was reached with the owners (M. Tresor et M. Desert SE) to present the locomotive jointly to the GDNGRS and the Ffestiniog Railway.

On Monday 27th.August 1997, Kerr Stuart 4415 was lifted from her plinth and loaded into an open container with those parts which would have projected above the sides (such as the top of the cab and the large cab-mounted radiator) removed and stored at one end.  Someone who had given some thought to shipping the loco over the high seas had tack-welded it to the track on which is stood.  Unfortunately this was not enough to prevent the loco moving; the tack-welds gave way and the loco rolled along the track, crushing the cab & other parts.  More embarassingly, the container doors were also noticeably damaged.  4415 re-entered the UK at Felixstowe and arrived at the FR's Minffordd yard on 26th October 1997.  Pictures by M Jaubert
Preparing the loco for shipment
Ready for shipment
Lifting the loco